Honesty is a great policy

I have learnt the hard way that honestly is a great policy. It is certainly not an excuse to be blunt or rude and there is a skill and a courage needed to be honest and truthful in a way other people can understand and take on board.

I am tried to make my honest a part of my USP, my unique selling point, as an independent disability consultant, as I make people aware they will get what they need to hear and not always wants to hear. I am however aware this often means I do not get repeat business and that is simply a part or the career I have chosen.

I have always been willing to answer any question anyone wants to ask me, however personal, as honestly I can so I can assist them dis-spell their myths about disability, cerebral palsy and so on. I choose a long time about to give up some of my privacy to be a ‘show house’ of disability so others can keep their privacy. I feel it is simply a part of my role as a natural teacher.

Finally, I find giving people the truth, the whole truth can be a very powerful tool especially when people are trying to ask you to do things that are simply not possible. Painting them a detailed picture of the situation and asking them what they suggest I do certainly helps them understand.

I honestly enjoy being honest, honestly!

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