My Perfect Day

In many ways my perfect day will always be today as it is includes having all the rich memories and understanding from every day I have lived before this one, which can only but get better. But there is a go as a perfect day.

Start with a sunny day and a meeting in London, an important way. I get up after a good sleep with little pain and after a good shower I get dressed in new clothes with help from my PA. An accessible taxi arrives and take us to the station on time and paid for by whoever. We travel first class in the morning sun with a good breakfast and a extra black pudding.

The assistance at Euston is waiting for us and so we are quickly on our way. The meeting is near the station so we are walking in the rush hour of a warm morning, just heaven. We arrive nicely early to the meeting or conference, which I have been asked to deliver a keynote speech. Lots of people I know in the audience, some who will love what I am going to say and some who will hate it, to my amusement.

After a good light lunch, we leave to go the nearest park or green space to enjoy the afternoon but maybe have a ice-cream which by miracle does not end up all over my face. Then I will just enjoy the moment and think, this is a perfect day. The rest is not important as I have reached that moment of peace.

What is your perfect day?