Positive about ability

I am not sure exactly way and despite how some people may view by strong opinions, I have always been positive about what I do, maybe despite of my many difficulties, maybe because of my difference. I honestly believe I can do anything I really want to do in my own way and by being positive about every obstacle I face.

It is not just a case of I can overcome barriers my adapting myself but that I have positive about working with the people I need to work with to remove the barriers that directly affect me, as well as many others. I do not campaign anymore, nor do I really make complaints, I simply get things done. I make contact with the right people and explain the situation and what needs to be done without making them feel they committed the crime of the century!

I am often heavily criticised by people in the movement for being positive about my ability, as they seem to hate people who do not wallow in self pity demanding rights without responsibilities, blaming everyone else for their apparent misfortunate.

And in recent years, I acquired many new impairments and labels that there is no ‘yes but’ with me as I work hard with chronic pain, mild bipolar and significant cerebral palsy. I just need to go deaf or blind to cover all bases!

I am not saying everyone can be like me, I push myself far more than I should but disability is 100% attitude now, people make themselves disabled because its easy and then the protection of a vulernable adult which is not realistic to the opportunities available to them in the 21st Century.

I will remain positive despite how fashionable it is to give up and be negative, demanding pity in the name of rights. If I want something, only one person will help me, thats me. Its time other people remembered that and started taking positive action about what they can do and not what they convince themselves they can not do!

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