We must stop ‘Ashley Treatment’

For those of you who do not know what ‘Ashley Treatment’, it is a barbaric treatment which has been committed upon “Ashley X” to keep her a child all her life including pumping her with hormones and removing her sexual organs. The aim is simply so the parents can manage to look after her when they get older. An less bias explanation can be found here.

When this hit the news 6 years ago I was as outraged as many people. Just the removing her sexual organs as a child could be considered as rape by the doctors and her parents. What is so sad and frustrating is that her parents, like many parents of disabled children, believe they are doing the right thing without understanding the abuse they have committed. But like the fact Fiona Pilkington, who murdered her disabled daughter before killing herself to supposedly protect her from hate crime, society appears to give parents of disabled children a free ride to do want they want because of the pity people have for the fact it is seen that they have to look after what is still internally seen as sub human burdens.

So when a few weeks ago a friend sent me this link, I was deeply sadden that many parents around the world were now seeking this treatment/torture for their own children because of some ignorant belief this abuse will benefit them, which questions how safe disabled children are with some parents. If anything was about human rights, this is it but we must work towards an international ban on this treatment/torture before we have to see a whole generation of disabled people suffering from this treatment which is solely based on the imagined best interests of the parents.

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