An ignorant response

I very much recognise that I have strong views on issues like disability which are very different to how the mainstream and/or disabled people in control of user led charities. I feel rather than just moan in the comfort zone of the social network I have created for myself, like so many people, I will actually seek out and directly challenge those who offend me directly or indirectly.

In challenging people to justify their thinking, after the usual huffing and puffing of everything they think being fact, they then turn an theoretical and broad picture debate into some personal to my problem with the world as I must be wrong. When that fails, I am called ignorant or far far worst. This is when I thank them for their insult as it shows I am getting somewhere.

I understand that facebook, twitter and indeed email are certainly not best way to have an in depth discussion with someone. I am not sure people understand that I argue with my keyboard, because of my cp, at the best of times and this is worst when I am frustrated. If I can put everything I was thinking into printed words, people would be overwhelmed by the understanding I have.

I am not saying I am always right but rather this is always a deep understanding to everything I said. I have lived, worked, studied and observed disability issues for almost 40 years in many ways, many of which people could not imagine. My beliefs are solid and can be broken down to the nth degree and I am happy to have a mature debate about them with anyone.

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