Let’s Be Adventurous

Whatever happened to the many opportunities for disabled people to take part and ‘have a go’ in many sport and other adventurous activities? In the late 80s and 90s I made the most on the many opportunities around me but this was the era where the keyword was “can” and not as it is now, “can’t”.

I however still believe sport and other activities play an important role in the personal development and mental wellbeing of everyone and anyone, and that includes disabled people. I believe by the age of 18 everyone, including disabled people, should have had the opportunities to try a wide range of activities include at least one that involved needing to wear a wetsuit!

I believe that in this 21st century personal wealth will not be measured in money or what we have in materials but in our personal experiences and those who are rich are those who had the opportunity to try many things. Disabled people must not be left out but they have a responsibility to think and believe they can.