Disability is very sick

Many regularly readers will understand that it is no surprise that I feel the issue of disability is very unwell right now. The battle between the medical and social models of disability is greater than it has ever been but too many people are not understanding what is going on or indeed what side they are on.

This government has upset people who are on sickness benefits but they have taken the battle on as disabled people to add more weight to their cause, pushing real disabled people out of their own movement and turning the concept of rights from a social model concept into a medical model one.

This has created confusion and frustration as people start to realise that maybe user led charities do not represent many disabled people any more and disabled people are left on the metaphoric streets wondering what the hell is disability now as they see sick people claiming to represent them without any real insight.

The public are left none the wiser about this change of management except a greater concern and fear that they will be arrested or verbally abused if they say the wrong thing to anyone as they are expected to know someone has an hidden impairment and have some red carpet already prepared.

I can just hope disability can and will recover from this sad period for the benefit of everyone.

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