Everything but News

We live in an era when all news providers are branded and now have a style of reporting which is part fact and part comment. Gone are the days when for example television news was simply the facts and it was just the newspaper we had to read in context. Now with so much factual information out there, journalism has moved from being a science into a art, where we may individually value one source over another.

On this basis I am concerned about a website called Disability News Service which is run by a journalist called John Pring. It is portrays as the only disability news service for the UK but I would argue that it is simply a mouthpiece of the disability and sickness movements, spreading misinformation and reporting hysterical demands of user led charities as it is fact they are right and everyone against them is wrong.

My main concern is not the narrow minded articles the site contains but the fact the name of the website is stealing my political space. It would be like a ‘friend of’ the BNP setting up the “White People News Service” to claim they are representing all white people. I have chosen this example because reading the endless and unhelpful demands being reported in the name of disability, the reality is the user led charities it gives a voice to are often as extreme as the BNP.

This is not about free speech but rather freedom of expression, where people should not have the right to steal my political voice, by being more accurate in what is comment rather than pretending to be facts. This blog is my viewpoint, no more no less, and it is therefore concerning when other sites are not upfront about their viewpoint, portraying it as facts.

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