Equality of Bad Experiences

Many people, especially disabled people, believe that rights related to an automatic good standard or quality of life when this is simply not the case nor can be the case. For myself, rights and equality is about having access to the same range of experiences as anyone and that means the good ones as well as the bad ones.

This can be taken in a number of ways. Firstly, it is about having an equality of services in things no one wants like bankruptcy, prison, being expelled from school and so on. If disabled people want to be equal citizens, and I am having my doubts, they must take the rough with the smooth in the same way everyone else has to.

It is also accepting that life is not perfect and that it is not always because “I is disabled”. If we take public transport, rush hour can be a hellish experience for anyone whoever they are and that disabled people can not shout foul when they are being provided equal access to the some bad experiences as anyone else.

Disability Rights can not be used to demand life becomes fair because life is not fair and the only person who can really improve the standard and quality of your life is yourself by having a positive attitude in helping others to help you.