Need or Greed?

In examining the never ending demanding of disability charities, user led or not, I must wonder if what they see as need is just now greed. For example, disabled people in London have a whole host of public transport benefits not available elsewhere and yet they want more and then add insult by declaring its awful. They say they want equal treatment but really want special treatment ignoring the limitations everyone faces.

We did need to fight for the disability related rights we have now as 35 years ago, we were simply excluded from society. But it is now time to use the rights we have to take responsibility to thank society for giving us a helping hand to be equal included contributing citizens. To sit on our arses as a political body and demand our charities are paid by the government to spend all day moaning how crap our lives are is now simply a form of greed I will not accept.

Fairness is a responsibility as well as a right and as a responsible adult, I always do to others in the fair way I would expect from them. Somewhere along the line the user led charities have forgotten this and now they are putting everything in jeopardy because of the greed of some disabled people.

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