Hatred greed?

People may know that I am very sceptical about the existence of disability related hate crime in the way it is portrayed where disabled people should be frightened to walk the streets for fear of unspeakable harassment. There is bullying and I was bullied at school but to label it as hate crime is giving them credit where no credit is due. Hate crime is the least of my problems as I am more likely to suffer kind/love crime from ‘carers’, judges, charities, MPs and Lords who harm the lives of disabled people with misguided kindness.

I am however starting to understand what the hate crime movement is wanting and it appears to do that some disabled people resent any public debate on disability and call anything they disagree with as hate crime. As the public begin to see and question the greed demanded by user led charities, the charities are responded by calling anyone who challenges their greedy demands as a hater of disabled people. 

User-led charities have approached the debate on welfare reform by demanding a ban on the debate calling those who started the debate bad people. I would however argue that if disabled people are confident about what they need then I can argue maturely. I am very aware I have a very large support package which is a factual burden on the economy but I am however confident to justify what I need it and how it helps me to contribute back to society. It may be always be nice to have to justify what I need but it is a reality of having state support where value for money is in the benefit of everyone.

Life is not about have a strop every time you can not have your cake and eat it and I wish more people could see this.

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