Life can just suck

In what has become this week’s theme on the realities of life, today’s message is that life can just suck, not because “I a disabled” and because of any other political label, but because it can simply suck. And the approach to life sucking should not be handled by signing a petition, writing to your MP or causing a traffic accident in London, but simply to take it on the chin and turn it into something position.

In order to climb a mountain who need to learn the skills required, develop enough confidence and then put in the effort, as much as it takes without giving up. We unfortunately life in an society where some people, and especially some disabled people, feel it is a god given right to be teleported to the top of the mountain, and down again, without doing any of this. 

But that is not how life works and positive results can also come from position efforts if it is going to be genuine. The me consumerism culture started in the 1980s which develop into a new rights and responsibility culture where everyone can enjoy a better quality of life experiences and opportunities.

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