The sick’s dislike of disabled people

I have been carefully observing the language that is being used about disability and the welfare reforms. Now I am coming to conclusion that there is a dislike of disabled people by many people who are ‘sick’. 

I define someone who is sick as someone with a long term condition that may have had an initial period of instability where someone was unfit for work but is often management in the long term where no social care support is required. Despite the claims the government is targeting disabled people, the reality is these are the people in its sights, people who have managed health conditions.

Now as a result, people who are sick, who often described themselves as people with hidden impairments are often often obsessively jealous for disabled people who look the part, accusing them of having it too easy and I am often been called ‘luck’. It totally ignored the everyday discrimination people like myself face and the fact unlike them, I can not turn my impairment on or off when it suites me.

This dislike is of course on top of the medical model prejudices sick people will both internalised and put upon disabled people, expecting disabled people to feel as negative about themselves as they do. So as they assign themselves to the scrapheap, they also assign everyone they perceive less able than themselves to the scrapheap as well, and then they wonder why I may have an issue with them!