Inaccessible Transport?

The latest fashionable thing for disabled people to moan about appears to be supposedly inaccessible transport. I am I am sounding old but if people understood how inaccessible public transport was just 20 years ago, they may appreciate what we have Now.

The political argument has been won and now it is about a slow transformation of the system. Using transport may still be difficult but being disabled is difficult and indeed life can be difficult. Public transport can be simply not good for everyone. I heard a demand that all bus drivers get training of autism but I do not understand what that would entail and why a bus driver needs to know about this medical condition unless it is permit people to be rude without question? 

Passengers have their responsibilities as well as their rights and I find it offensive when people demand the world should revolve around them. Bus drivers need good quality training so they treat every passenger with respect whoever they are and able to meet the needs of a wide range of passengers, not turned into a political football by medical charities looking for new training opportunities to profit from.

And to use transport you need to be going somewhere and if  you are apparent unfit to work then what are you going out for? If the attitude is I will work when public transport is perfect for me than I think you are making an excuse not to work as that is not playing life fairly.

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