Not my community right

The Government has just introduced what they call the ‘community right’ as a part of their Big Society which they are promoting as communities being able to take over unused property for the benefit of the community, and more ambitious to able the local community to request to their local council for the right to tender for any public service they want.

In reality the communities mean neighbourhoods and neighbourhood means any charity which can pretend they have the backing of the community. So in reality this right is the most extensive form of privatisation. I am not argued privatisation per se but I am against the hidden agenda behind this community right.

Public assume Charities are a great thing that can do no wrong but in reality they are just businesses which do not have shareholders but often do have well paid staff. As well as making money from tenders and providing services, when things go wrong, they just bring out the begging bowl forgetting to mention your donation is likely to pay for a fat cat director to have a new car again.

If council services are going to be privatised and local people are going to have a say in shaping these services than it should be organised and systematic, not an ad hoc cherry picking exercise!