Disability is 99% Attitude

In understand what a person can do in terms of outcomes rather than method, I would argue it can very little to do with the condition(s) a person has and awful lot more to do with their attitude, and this is the big secret all the charities wish to did not find out!

All my life I been told I am special because I achieve things but it has been very natural to me. I know many disabled people who are as active who tend to have cerebral palsy or another life long condition. People with spinal injuries are also often active due to access to an insurance payout and a good rehab system.

There is however a new generation of disabled or rather sick people who simply prove my point. They will have far less to complain about than my active friends and have been led by  user led and professional led charity to believe they are incapable of anything accept sitting on their bean bags demanding to be spoon fed by the government. Yes, they are lazy and to make matters worst, I know people who want have me arrested for hate crime what I have just said in their hatred of free speech in this issue.

I accept life is hard but that is the case for everyone and we all need to put a brave face on and do our best whoever we are. The government and society is now calling time on this era of negativity as it is now crunch time for many disabled people to get their arses in gear and make at least an effort to do something positive. 

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