Falling off a horse

When I was a young boy I went horse riding, it was a perk of going to a special school and while it was fun, it was also therapy. I remember being told that if you fall off a horse, the best and only thing to do is to get straight back on the horse. I did fall off a few times and always got back of immediate.

This idea of falling of a horse became a metaphor for me which has struck with me throughout my life. The idea that if something bad happens, the best thing to do is get it sorted and move on not cry about it and get stuck in a deep dark whole. When I and my company went bankrupt in 2008, I immediately got back on my feet and become the independent disability consultant I am now.

Sickness and new found conditions are not an excuse to wallow in self pity but a new challenge to overcome with potentially exciting new opportunities for those who are prepared to work for them. The only person who can get you back on that horse is yourself!

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