The moaning industry

I remember in the old days charities used to help individuals and while it may have been patronising, at least it was honest and someone actually benefited. Nowadays charities has turned into the moaning industry, producing pointless report after report pouring more doom and gloom pollution into the atmosphere.

Why you may ask? So they can paint themselves as the hero in solving a social problem they simply do not have the power to do anything people by claiming to be the good guys to people they really do not understand, so they get to funding needed to keep their staff in the standard of living worthy of heros.

It will take a few more years but I believe the public will cotton to the disgrace of the 21st century ‘voluntary’ sector especially as government is giving them so much power to control the lives of everyone by having the right to take over public services. We just need to watch this space to see how long the moaning industry can keep on moaning.