Mainstreaming Services

I believe a future component of social care which many people has not yet grasped in the notion of main streaming services in a way which is beyond the imagination of many users and professionals. I mean by mainstreaming is that people’s social care needs are met by services that everyone uses and even in a way where they do not have a formal understand their needs are met.

An easy example of this is I use meal on wheelies services, they are called internet takeaways delivered to my home. Unless traditional meal on wheelies, I can order on demand with a wide range of choice, easy payment method, easy ordering and total control. The bonus is no one knows its a social care services and they are no professionals getting in the way of what I want.

We need to teach, support and enable people to looking after themselves and families in a way that is natural and easy, so ‘delaying’ or moving the stage of which they feel they need a formal care and/or support solution. Mainstream services will not come from the voluntary sector or created by a committee of professionals, but will naturally be created from the demands of customers.

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