Better Customer Service for all

It is very easy for group or another group to say they want things better for them but the real trick is to make customer service better for everyone. As a disability consultant, I have always been keen to promote the idea that it is in best interests of businesses, in terms of profit, to be accessible to as many people as everyone and to provide high quality but cost effective customer service.

I have always argued that rather than investing a lot of money and time in a system specifically designed to support a specific group of customers, it is better to design a system that is flexible enough to be adapted to meet anyone’s needs and it is about seeing every individual as a individual. A quick example of this would be to put a long vertical pull handle on a door so it can be opened whatever height someone is, rather than battling with demands on what height the handles should be.

Customers are customers who all need to be treated with respect and dignity and therefore it is better for staff to be given general training, rather than never ending training at the wishes of every political grouping of potential customers.