Celebrating the Individual

As an 1980s I was brought up under Thatchererism and while Margaret Thatcher policies were not always popular, they were passionate. One thing think I did get from her is the power of the individual to succeed. She was the queen of enterprise and the small businessman in a way I do believe we have seen since.

Nowadays everything must be a charity, community or social enterprise, where the individual is lost. But while people say it is collectives that empower group as united we stand, I disagree. Individuals as leaders in all forms make real change as every collective starts with a person. The individual can be daring and challenging and throughout history we can celebrate the success of individuals.

To change the general rights without responsibility culture that exists, where everything is someone else’s fault, it need to reinvest to celebrating individuals as bundles of potential, where everyone as a part to play. If you want something, the only person who will give it to you is yourself and there is no point crying to the government about unfair life is.

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