Why must disabled people think small?

When it comes of disabled people and enterprise, the current thinking seems to be big small. They are not encouraged to set up a business, with the desire of world domination, but rather social enterprises, which appears to be seem as “a good try” with very low expectations of succeed placed upon it.

Social Enterprises are often set up in the name of disabled people but are ‘supervised’ by professionals to make sure it is too successful or adventurous. These professionals often try to protect the enterprise from the real world of cut-throat businesses, using political correctness and embarrassment to show success that is artificial.

So in reality social enterprises are often the sheltered workshops of the 21st Century, which is one small step forward to prevent a larger step forward in the liberation of disabled people. Enterprise is for entrepreneurs and its success lays in thinking big and believing in yourself, with the freedom to achieve anything you set your mind to achieve.

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