Severely disabled again?

I remember being called severely disabled in the 80s and early 90s but not since them. One reason for this as been that the complexity of cerebral palsy in younger people has increased, due to better survival rates at birth, and so relevantly my impairment has began milder. So I am very interested to here in this new so-called sick and disabled movement, the term severely disabled is now used.

I heard the term used to describe anyone who needs social care and I heard Sue March, the Queen of the ‘broken of Britain’ call anyone to needs ILF as Profoundly Disabled, like we are so helpless we need the pity of someone like her, who demands pity herself. While people complain I am the one making a divide between real disabled people, and the less so, it is also the less so and in a effort to justify their right not to work, who has moved the goalposts, and written off real disabled people as 3rd or 4th class citizens, to their desired place of 2nd class citizens.

The terms severely and profoundly invites a level of pity which feeds the eugenics movement, as really disabled people are regarded by the charities that pretend to care about them as beyond help and beyond any ability to make a contribution to society. We are regarded as the property of ‘our carers’ and an economic burden that is a strain on the sick movements desire to fight for cold hard cash for anyone who wants it without responsibility or accountability.

People may not see what is really going on but real disabled people are being betrayed in their own name as new battle lines are drawn between the government and the sick. As a new generation of impairments fight for public pity, it is real disabled people which will be the losers here unless people like me take a stand. I am as severely disabled as I feel and that is not much at all as I refuse to be labelled in this way or so pretend peers can write me off.

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