Trying to control my voice

As well as wanting to own my voice as my representative, user led charities and other disabled people have wanted to control  what I can and can not say, in the name of the movement as disabled people like being disabled meant you were an automatic member of an extremist cult whether you liked it or not.

In this socialist styled cult, individualism is frowned upon as disabled people must obey the rules of the movement or be deemed as a traitor, a title I have held for many years. Being positive about one’s ability is also outlawed as one must always fight for rights without ever using them to contribute to society, which is full of hateful oppressors. The response being called for to avoid taking responsibility borders closely on minor acts of terrorism which proves the extremism that exists in the so-called movement.

Apart from a confusing statistic, I would argue it is now criminal and immoral to force ‘disabled people’ to be regarded and treated as a single group with the same ideas, beliefs and lack of aspirations, and controlled by an unaccountable unelected minority of people claiming to be disabled so they can get exactly what they want at the cost of everyone else.

I am not a number, I am a free man, I am an individual!

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