Making Social Care Normal

I feel to solve the problem of an increase in the demand for social care because of the increase in people living longer, it is essential that social care is made into something that is normal. Right now, social care is something seen as just for ‘the elderly’, ‘the disabled’ and  ‘carers’, and something people do not need to worry about until they need it, if they need it.

This was the case with health until recently although people always had a better basic understand of what the NHS did, even it is came from television dramas. But the workings of the social care system is a mystery to the majority of people, who simply see the stereotypical images of ‘vulnerable’ people being either looked after or abused.

Like people understand that sometime in their life, they will most likely need to spent time in hospital, people should understand that when they get older, something most people desire, than they are most likely to have a reduction in their abilities which means they will need some form of social care provided informally or formally.

Once this is properly understand and people start planning what I need before it is forced upon them, people will have a bigger say in how services are designed and therefore social care will be more normal, and something everyone is talking about rather then the expensive thing no one understands.

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