Bring Everything Together

In my daydreams, I am always ponding on how this government and society could be improved for the benefit on everyone but in a way that is cost effective. I get frustrated at what I see as the waist of money I see by the fact issues are dealt with separately rather than brought together to provide results and positive outcomes.

The government divides life in issues with education, employment, health, housing, leisure and social care, and allow each issue to develop a culture and organisational structure that is incompatible with each other. The goals to a better life experience for everyone is not shared and so there is so much repetition and conflict.

One example is that leisure is regarded as nice but a luxury, the benefits of a western society. However, to create a good mental well-being you must balance work with leisure. Therefore one way of resolving the huge mental health issues we have here, that lead to obesity, smoking, alcoholic abuse, drug addiction and so on, is the move some health monies into a whole new generation of public leisure opportunities. A shared goal can therefore be achieved by bringing everything together.

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