Parents and Disability

The relationship between parents and disabled children as they grow up is not as rosy as people may believe it is. While they may be immense love for a disabled child by a parents, this is not the given people may assume. It can not ignored that emotions of disappointment, frustration and pity can underline a relationship in a way that may never be spoken about.

For someone who is born with a condition, they will feel normal and only respond to how others see them as disabled, as opposed to feeling disabled themselves. This means as someone grows up and established their own positive identity, this may put the at odds with how their parents sees them, as vulnerable and needy people. Society  also allows parents of disabled children to have a much greater say in their lives as young and even older adults, than parents of non-disabled children. It can therefore for disabled teens to have the freedoms to take responsibility for themselves and make mistakes as a part of their learning process.

The relationship between parents and disabled children is a hard one that is often far more complex than people may realise.

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