Asking to be hated?

I feel there are currently a lot of myths and assumptions being made about disability hate crime right now. I feel the concept of hate crime is a poor way of dealing with the issues of bullying, crimes involving disabled people and now the media’s current debate of disability issues. I also feel the concept of disability hate crime can itself cause so called hate crime.

If disabled people are led, told or taught to believe people ‘hate’ them then in a self-fulfilling prophecy, they could always reach a situation where they are looking for people to hate them and will be hostile towards others on the assumption that they will be hostile back to them. Therefore as an hatred may be expected and kind of asked for, it is more likely to deal with it.

We need to tackle bullying by supporting people to be more positive about themselves and the people around them, to to refuse to become a victim. This is much better than teaching people that hatred is an acceptable norm they must embrace as victims.

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