Modernising the BBC

As what could be a part of having mild bipolar, I am always day dreaming about how I would modernise organisations and while it may take years before I see my ideas come to reality, I am pretty accurate in my predictions, so much so I feel in a past life, I lived in the future if that makes any kind of sense. Anyway, as my blog grows I am decided to discuss some of my ideas and start with the BBC.

The BBC has played a major part in being the national concious for many generations in the UK and across the world. We must understand it used to be the sole method people has access to immediate information and news by radio or television. But now with the internet and social model,  seemingly unbias news has been replaced by an infinite amount of comment and discussion, where this blog as equal access as any leading columnist.

On this basis, I would privatise the BBC and allow it to pursue its commercialised programmes well commercially as I really do not believe endless talent shows in what it meant by the public interest. I would contract it to be the government broadcaster in terms of news, weather, parliament, budgets, elections and so on, and enable to rest of the BBC to be funded by advertising or whatever, to grow or shrink accordingly.

I would also set up a Media Development Fund, initially funded by the TV license until that is abolished. The fund would fund new media technology and content locally and nationally, developing a voice for minority issues and ‘hard to reach’ people, as well as developing profit centres for mediums like Opera and minority sports.

The aim will be to develop an array of 21st century media which this country can be proud of and actually find useful.