21st Century Community Centres

While I am sceptical about Big Society and Localism in the way this government is proposing to implement it, I do believe in Neighbourhood Councils which are demographic and accountable, as oppose to letting any charity take over the running of a neighbourhood. I also behind the a new style of community centres for the 21st Century.

The community centres will be large new built that will host a range of public services like police, housing offices, job centre and health services in a compact way as well as providing meeting rooms and many other facilities which can be used by individuals and groups within the neighbourhood includes maybe a cafe/restaurant.

As a building used in day and the evening with good public transport links, it will be a cost effective way of delivering services locally in a way that is flexible, as well as bringing pride to communities. I believe as resources become more limited, this is the way forward in achieving a lot locally without breaking the bank.

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