Hate Out Equals Hate In

If we put the politics of Hate Crime aside for one moment, there is a basic fact people will treat you as you treat them. If you are nice to the people around you than they are most likely be nice back to you. If however you have an deep hatred for people than they will not likely be impressed and will likely at best avoid you or return the favour.

My mother had a deep hatred and anger for everyone around her and as this was what I grow up with and so copied at as a young adult to a much lesser degree. It took me a few years to understand as an adult that this was not the way and you could achieve a lot more in life with a smile rather than a frown.

Now I think I scare people because when I am annoyed at someone I will indeed smile, shake their hand, and as a metaphorical Hannibal, have a good time politely challenging them slice by slice with specific questions. Because I am not appearing angry they do not really know what to do as this was not what they were expecting. I often end up making a good friend and colleague from these situations.

Hate Out does indeed mean Hate In and when wondering why people are treating you badly, it is worth asking how do you treat them?

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