A National Transport Service

One of my big  ideas is a new coordinated integration inclusion and accessible national transport service called Connect. I know people may argue it already exists but I want to take it to the next step, making public transport in the UK the first choice for the majority of people.

For me, accessible step-free transport is not just a nice thing to have but also as essential part of the inclusion of disabled people as equals. I believe if some monies targeted at welfare benefits was put into investing in fully accessible transport, the benefits for all disabled people and indeed  everyone would be greater. Motability should be better targeted at those who need a car rather than a free for all that encourages benefit fraud. I also behave the scheme should be extended to other groups who will benefit for a car such as people starting work who live in remote areas.

By using scales of economy by having a single website, a single brand (if run my many companies) and universal pricing, the money can be spent improving services and creating a transport service we can all be proud of that is also good for this economy/  

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