A computing future

Computers has been a central part of my liberation as a contributing citizens and while I am not a geek, I am always keen to predict the future of computing, which is always a hard one. The tablet is already revolutionising the way we work with computers, making the mouse and keyboard obsolete. With cloud based computing, we are seeing the ability to have what we need where we need it with few barriers.

I feel the future of computers will include greater usability with smart software that does things in the way we believe they should like the way Google is working of smart searches. Information we want displayed in a format we understand when we need it will be the future. As I think as we move to apps and away from websites, information will be better displayed in rich interesting useful and interaction ways.

The hardware we use is becoming more diverse and I think this will be increase as tablet technology will appear in a whole range of everyday devices from cars to washing machines to hoovers. Devices will connect together so we will can control one device from other and so on.

I love technology and I love the fact things can only get better.

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