New Ways of Assessing Support

Everyone seems to be calling for a reform of the social care system but what they really mean in just put in more money a faulty system so those who profit from social care can profit even more. I personally do you believe it is about the amount of money is the problem but the way money is spent.

I said it before and I will say it again, outcomes are the way forward in assessing support. Outcomes are both individual and universal in terms of care and support, being well and making an age relevant contribution to society. These are not just rights but also responsibilities, which should be the context any funding is provided.

Outcomes leads to solutions which may or not may require funding from the state. Therefore assessments could be very important be split into 2 components. The first being what do you need in terms of your outcomes, and how can these be met. For some people, a range of mainstream services, equipment and other intangible solutions means they do not need support funding. They have not been turned away because they are not eligible for funding  but properly supported in the assessment process to reach a bunch of solutions that works for them.

The social worker has the opportunity to move from mere gatekeeper to advocate in new ways of assessing support.

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