Defining Segregation

The Segregation of disabled people in a product on the industry revolution and ‘enlightened science’. Over 100 years ago it was perceived in terms of social Darwinism, the priority was to keep the Human Race strong and ensure its survival was to remove the weak and ‘sub-normals’ from society to protect people from contamination. Therefore a generation of state and charitable institutions were created to keep disabled people locked away. Hitler took the next logical step but that’s another story.

Since disabled people have gained a voice in the 1970s, they are made it clear they hated their segregation and they have fought against it ever since. The Remploy sheltered factories has been an iconic symbol of a failed post-war policy of segregation and the Government’s decision to close them should be hailed as a victory and a step forward in the inclusion and liberation of all disabled people.

It is therefore interested that so-called disabled people who have no idea of its insulting history and their supporters are campaigning to keep the factories open to protect the vulnerable, using the modern version of the same language that caused the segregation of disabled people as dehumanised objects of pity. In this why for real disabled people, these are potentially very dangerous times ahead as others try to rewrite our history.

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