A Cultural Minority (Learning Difficulties)

I would like to argue that society, government and social care services still treat people with learning difficulties as a single group in a way people with other impairments are not. It still seems perfectly acceptable for people with learning difficulties to live, work and play together as charities continue them to campaign for ‘their issues’ as a group rather than issues.

I am far from against impairment specific groups, but impairment is one of many interests and issues and it should not be the one way someone is identified. I believe people with learning difficult are ‘forced’ to act as groups tied together because it is supposedly cheaper to provide a service to a group than to meet individual need. It is ofcourse assumes professionals must control every minute of their day and provide a specialised expensive service to deliver what could be provided in the mainstream.

People with learning difficulties are encouraged by charities to campaign to unrealistically attainable rights with responsibility so they will accept the current second class existence offered to them by Charities. The charities add insult to injury by providing so-called research informing people with learning difficulties how much further they need to go in a never ending fight before they will no longer need to support of charities to protect them from the bogeyman in all its guises, which is always reported to be a very very long time off, and I wonder why?!

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