Corrupted Evidence

So many sweeping statements are made about what disabled people need and how discriminated they are by this or take policy based on every mounting so-called research and evidence. But when you really examine this evidence, it is weak and corrupted to suit the wishes of the ‘campaigner’ who motives are often money rather than any greater cause.

The class phrase of ‘statistics, more statistics and lies’ is so true and it is possible to research using specific questions which are guaranteed to get the desired answers. For example, the myth of ‘hate crime’ is fashionable and embedded and so people will be ready to sign up to being victims of hate crimes for minor incidents in their past they did not consider worthy of attention at the time. Further research will likely show the hate crime are from ‘spats’ between 2 people where everyone is at some fault. Disabled people are not china dolls, too fragile to touch for fear of breaking, however much a new generation of activists are fighting for this.

We need to check the evidence being presented as fact and ensure being are campaigning with honest information if that  is indeed possible. I try to be honest with what I am presenting.

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