Broken vs Spaz

Many disabled people, especially those with minor/hidden impairment, have a problem with the word ‘Spaz’, saying it is offensive and it is too early for people like myself to reclaim the term, as someone with cp. I find this interesting when these people refer to themselves as ‘broken’ or ‘benefit scum’ is a similar way.

Language is complex but the fact is different impairment groups will be developed their own language and culture. If people what to refer to themselves as broken, that is fine, so long as they understand they are not demand every disabled person think that way to make themselves feel better. 

Spaz is a term claimed by people with cp, who are very comfortable with their identity and use the term to describe themselves, not all disabled people, as a notion of comedy rather than sarcasism. People without cp do not have any right to dictate whether the term spaz can or can not be used because of their own prejudices. 

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