A Rights and Responsibilities Act

I believe there should be a new ‘rights and responsibilities’ Act, a piece of law with informs everyone in detail what their civil rights are as well as their responsibilities and it would cover many issues like employment, housing, transport, education and much more.

I believe it would be outcome based and worded so to explain the principle without causing rights that are economic short cuts to good living as I believe the act should support and reward effort in a context of equal opportunity rather than equality. So one right may be somewhere to sleep which may not necessarily mean the right to their own home as if they live with their parents in a safe and stable relationship, they will have somewhere to stay.

A responsibility may be to follow any health plan agreed with their GP or any health professional to the best of their ability, where failing to do so may delay their access to specific health services like if they do give up smoking or drinking for specific operations.

I believe by having a clearly rights and responsibility agenda, I feel a lot of the battles over human rights can be sorted.