The job of blogging

I am interested in how many people, including disabled people, now refer to their professional job title as ‘blogger’, so assuming that to be their sole contribution to society. I agree blog may an important role and I know I have many readers who enjoy reading my blogs, even if they are not prepared to admit they agree with more of it than they care to say! But my blog is just one part of what I do and my marketing strategy as for me, my blog shows people what they can expect from me.

But the media seems to like to turn some bloggers into many celebs because they say what is fashionable to their audience. Many of these bloggers hide behind social model, offering no real details of who they are, not even an email address. So I seen some disabled bloggers portray themselves as the single spokesperson of disability in the UK just because they had some media attention, ignoring the 50 years of campaigning before them. 

Yet no email and no facts of who they really are as they damage the way disabled people are portrayed with no accountable of their attentions as they act as cyper-ghosts, determined to haunt the lives of disabled people. And what is most ironic is they have often made a career out of blogging on how they are unable to work, which is very ironic indeed as if they could not work, they could be blog!

Has Remploy shown the divide?

As I have explained before, Remploy is a collection of sheltered factories designed to be a short term solution for a post-war era when it was assumed disabled people needing rehab type work before entering the mainstream job market. The factories failed on that part leaving disabled people in long term segregated employment. It is right that these factories close and current employees are supported to find new employment opportunities.

It is therefore interesting that there is now a divide between user led charities over whether than they are for or against the closures. I feel the divide symbolising the new two completed ideologies between the old social model disability movement and the new medical model sick and disabled movement which has arose since this government came into power. The old movement, which I mostly align myself to, believes in human rights, citizenship, equality and inclusion where disabled people have a right to participant in society, they have however not got around to the responsibility part yet. The new movement is simply about the right to be disabled and have the benefits associated with it, including cold hard cash. Their medical model need for people to pity them means they are against anything which does not treat disabled people no less than fragile china dolls.

Disability is in a mess and we are just seeing the start of it!