Who defines an activist?

Like the job of blogging I discussed yestersday, the role of activist is a job many people use including being a disability (rights) activists. It is clear a title which people can define themselves but is this right. I seen people define myself as a disabled rights activity, which to me suggests they are disabled, and given a media role as a commentator of disability issues, when in reality who find out they are a parent or carer, which is a very different context which to comment from.

I call myself an activist before I realised that is what I do. I have gone from a complainer, into a campaigner, and now someone who simply gets things done. If I see a problem, I solve it without setting up a petitions or facebook group. But I fear an activist is now refer to anyone to campaigns or maybe just moan against the government, turn a positive term of being active into simply being passive and demanding the world changes without any willingness to make an effort.

I feel we will see the rise and fall as many so-called activists, who are simply one issue wonders while those who have activism in their bloods will continue to make a difference with no one realising it.

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