Jumping Hoops is right

I know a lot of disabled people, especially those who are new to benefits system, complain how awful it is that they got to jump so many hoops to receive the benefits they believe they rightly deserve. They and the liberal middle class appear to believe it is outrageous they have to go a medical examination when they are clearly sick and/or disabled. But I say get real! If you want the cold hard cash, then you need to jump through the loops as this is public money and you have the choice to apply for it or not. If anyone went for a bank loan, they would have to answer as much information, if not more.

As someone with a number of impairments I have been poked and prodded all my way and while I have not always been happy with how it has been carried out, I see it as a part of the life I lead. I have responded by being an open book and always a showroom for ‘being disabled’ as I found a way of keeping my privacy in plain sight.

So if you want anything and you really want it than you will be willing to jump the hoops!

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