What is poverty?

In terms of people living in the UK, which do we mean be poverty? I am not sure we live in a country which permits people to live in abject poverty. I have had many times when I have had no money and mounting debts where I had to struggle to make ends meet, but I am sure I ever felt poor nor endured the poverty on any level to say people in third world countries.

I argue the notion of poverty as a bad thing has been created by the middle class liberals who debate the issue as far removed from the issue with sentimental ideology that has little bearing to the real world. You do not often hear of actual people living on benefits complaining, just endless statistics of the people will be worst off. Those on benefit who do struggle do so because they are often not wise in the choices they make as they choose cigarettes, booze, mobile credit and scratch cards over what may be more helpful to them.

And I really believe, ignoring the politics, people on unemployment benefit specifically should be slightly struggling with their bills because it is supposed a temporary state of being where things will get straight when they get back to work. So I am not sure poverty really is allowed to exist is this country and we should be weary of those organisations and charities who profit from the myth of poverty.

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