Feeling Ill as a lifestyle?

There is currently a group of active campaigners who define themselves as disabled and regarded themselves as opposed by the benefits system for failing to accept they are disabled as they fight with obsession against the welfare reforms. These people hide themselves in the social media where their true identity remains a mystery despite the media  attention they received, but I have looked at the information they purport to have in terms of being disabled as it does not  always add up.

I seen people list a dozen or so minor conditions, would could be on the medical records of the majority of people depending on age. Without giving their age or background, nor the severity of the impact these labels bring, the public is  asked to take them at face value as prove they are worthy of benefits but it does not make sense.

I argue we have a group of people who has turned illness into a lifestyle and by failing to cope responsibility, they create the disability they clear find some sense of comfort from. I heard people complain they are immobile because they keep failing over but the reality their immobility is from the fact they refused to use a wheelchair because of the ‘indignity’. 

I find it offensive when people talk about being bed bound because they are depressed or too tired feeling sick, especially when I have been truly bed bound for 6 days when I had no physical way of getting out of bed. These people have appeared to turn their illness into a lifestyle and then demand the government rewards them for doing so and the public pities them.

We must halt this culture because we get to a stage where anyone with a head cold is deemed unfit for work permanently. 

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