Treat depression not assist suicide

It deeply concerns me at the way people who are disabled and want to commit suicide are treated quite differently to non-disabled people in the same position. From my own experiences I do understand it is normal to have times of feeling hopeless, where suicide seems a rational escape from a situation that appears impossible.

But the situation of wanting to die in an environment one as it is often a long term solution to a short term problem which is generated by a deep depression. The depression can make things harder to see the true picture and so a vicious circle is formed. When disability is perceived to be the reason for a suicide wish, it must be seem as environmentally created.

No one is unhappy just because they are disabled but because of the actual or perceived impact of their lives like having poor care provided to them. If these true factors were identified and just acknowledged, if not solvable, people come overcome them and work through their depressed. However. because non-disabled people see disability as a negative attribute often because of deep rooted fears about facing vulnerability, they assume it is natural to be unhappy being disabled and therefore they justify the desire to die, ignoring the basic fact the person is clearly depressed.

This inequality of reaction demonstrates to me the deep rooted prejudices many disabled people face as we are still feared to some level. It is only with the further inclusion of disabled people as equal citizens, taking up their responsibilities as well as exercising their rights, can we ever hope to change this.

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