Ignorant, Discrimination and Hate Crime

After some recent events involving taxi drivers I am come up with a theory of, lets say oppression for the want of a better word, which explains three stages that it could be argued happens in the oppression of disabled people or anyone else when it relates to treating someone less favourably than what could be expected.

I would like to argue that the first time someone treats another less favourably it can be considered as ignorance. As a gesture of goodwill after then anything else, it could be assumed that people were unaware of the impact of their actions and once they have been made aware of the error of their ways, it will not happen again.

The second time the same thing happens, the same excuse can not be made and clear an act of discrimination has occurred and then offender needs to be told that “we are not amused” and the behaviour that has occurred will not be tolerated again as it is now clear they understand they are doing something wrong.

So the third time the same thing happens from the same person or people, it could be considered as a hate crime. I know I have my severe doubts about the existent of hate crime in the way it is being portrayed by some people, I am talking about something very specific where it can be clearly demonstrates a knowing and deliberate treatment of someone because of a specific identity. 

If people raise the stakes by repeating the same oppression again and again, this is needed to be taken as seriously as their actions deserves, especially when there is a clear line of evidence that their behaviour could have been averted. 

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