Taxi Warfare

Regular readers will know that since I had my electric wheelchair last year, one of the many issues that I have needed to put my energies into is sorting out the small matter that some taxi drivers simply refuse to take me in my wheelchair because of a whole range of nonsense reasons. They work on the basis that I am ignorant of my rights and so they become very annoyed when they realise I know my rights exactly despite being a ‘young (looking) drooling spastic’.

I have discovered that the issue is more complex than it appears because of a website called which is spending misleading information about the accessible of London Taxi style cabs, the ones I am having issues with. The reason for this is simple is that it has been set up by a rival company as a marketing ploy. The site jumps on the bandwagon of being the good guys for wheelchair users which I hope to use political correctness to argue their taxis are better. 

Unfortunately the site has encountered me and my ability to understand the accurate facts of issues and see through the smoke and mirrors tricks being employed by the site. In explaining my concerns about the impact of the site on taxi drivers in Coventry, the managing director of the company behind the site made it clear we did not really care about the negative impact of his site on wheelchair users, saying he was exercising his right of free speech to put his commercial interests above anything else.

I am not sure how well he knows I welcome a challenge and I am already working on my own website to give a more accurate perspective on the  issue called with the aim of sorting this issue out once and for all. So let the battle begin!

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