My contributions in the big fight

Every now and then I like to check who I am and what I have achieved in my life. It is very clear that in the last 40 years the life opportunities and experiences available to many disabled people has dramatically improved as this is our time to be liberated. Many of those ‘disabled’ people complaining now that we have never had it so bad failed to understand how others have got them the rights they now appear determined to abuse.

At 38 I must recognised that I have played a part in the liberation we now enjoy. Although they is nothing so far I can put my name to as saying this is what I helped achieved, there is so many little ways I have improved things for me and for others. I have made complaints and put things right since my teens and I continue to jungle working with 100s of organisations to make things right. My Wheelies project as for example supports 1000s of people around the world in ways I will never understand. Just this weekend I have launched a website about taxis –

What I do is natural and I am a part of the big fight in my own way. I also believe the devil is in the detail and there is why sometimes the small changes make the biggest difference as we all have our own parts to play in the liberation of disabled people.

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