Going on a Summer Holiday

As I said yesterday, today I am flying to New York and while it is for a working holiday, it is still a change that is as good as a rest. It is the first summer holiday I have been some years and I now to try to have one every year in one way or another in the future, as well as having a break at Christmas.

A summer holiday for me has always been some kind of working holiday. For many years I did week long to 10 day seminars for young disabled and non-disabled people across Europe with a project called European Human Bridges. They are certainly hard work but enormous fun. Sometimes immersing yourself in a new form of temporary stress can give you a bigger break to your normal stress than sitting on the beach, with nothing to occupy the mind.

I never know what is coming next is my life and while I was so much enjoy this summer holidays, I also look forward to my holidays in the future.

What have you done today?

People who know me will know my favourite song is Proud by Heather Small. Is the song she asks “would have you done today you make you feel proud?” and I believe this is a brilliant question to answer and one I ask myself all the time.  It does not have to be big or something anyone else has noticed so long as it is something which makes you proud and gives you a smile of satisfaction.

I believe we can all do at least one thing each day to make us proud and that it is a great mentality to have. It has always kept me going when my life has been hard and especially when I consider all the things I have done in the past that makes me feel proud, and this is worth more than all the money in the world.

So the question I must ask if ofcourse what have you done today to make you feel proud?