Going on a Summer Holiday

As I said yesterday, today I am flying to New York and while it is for a working holiday, it is still a change that is as good as a rest. It is the first summer holiday I have been some years and I now to try to have one every year in one way or another in the future, as well as having a break at Christmas.

A summer holiday for me has always been some kind of working holiday. For many years I did week long to 10 day seminars for young disabled and non-disabled people across Europe with a project called European Human Bridges. They are certainly hard work but enormous fun. Sometimes immersing yourself in a new form of temporary stress can give you a bigger break to your normal stress than sitting on the beach, with nothing to occupy the mind.

I never know what is coming next is my life and while I was so much enjoy this summer holidays, I also look forward to my holidays in the future.

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